Our History

A Vision of Nurtured Enterprises

Founding partners Arlyn B. Kim and Marc F. Carpio started Cognitif in November 2009. They had a vision of providing startups with a better-focused support and structuring system in the early stages of their operations, as well as integrated business solutions for more developed organizations. They both had extensive experience in starting and building companies, and were working as managers in McGraw Hills’ Standard and Poors when they decided to establish the company in Manila, Philippines. Years of practice have allowed them to build a modular outsourcing and application development system that is highly adaptable to existing conditions.


Launched in May 2012, Cognitif’s flagship product empleyado is one of the first cloud-based human capital management systems in the Philippines. Given the nature of the product, it provides partners with a powerful tool for self-assessment and allows them the benefit of more precise business analysis. It has greatly shaped Cognitif and its path, and continues to mature with the market.


Cognitif is continuously expanding and has branched out to Singapore in December 2016 to explore and capture untapped markets in the region.


The company’s business model is firmly rooted in agility. Every capacity is continuously harnessed to come up with practical solutions to answer our partners’ pressing challenges in rapidly evolving business landscapes.