Cognitif Knowledge


One of the toughest parts of running a firm is knowing who you can trust with crucial aspects, particularly areas with too little to no room for error such as finance and accounting, legal, and human resources. At the same time, there are also internal overhead costs to consider when maintaining your own staff in-office.

The Knowledge team takes out the uncertainty and lets you get right down to business, allowing you to consult and work directly with a team who is not only exceptionally reliable but also genuinely law-abiding and upstanding. The depth of their understanding and familiarity with local policies and statutes delivers an excellent combination of creative results well within government guidelines. Given the vast, unparalleled work experience of our team members, we can also recommend and help you with process streamlining and implementation for more cost-effective operations.



  • Human Resources
    • Payroll
    • Benefits Administration
    • Training and development
  • Accounting and Finance
    • Accounting and bookkeeping
    • Internal audit
    • Financial planning and analysis
    • Data entry services
  • Legal and Statutory
    • Business setup and registration
    • Tax and statutory compliance