Cognitif Solutions

There is no singular approach to handling company information, especially in the extensive variety of client and industry requirements. Building an efficient integrated data management setup is essential to ensure that your valuable data resources translate into more practical conclusions customized to your organization’s needs.

Software creation and systems integration in different environments is also at our client’s disposal should they require it. Our accomplished IT engineers can create software and network solutions well within your timetable and budget.



  1. Software development
  2. Network management



The brainchild of Cognitif’s founders, Empleyado is the realization of their vision that aims to empower both the employers and the employees with mutual transparency. This enables more effective human resource documentation; resulting in more accurate findings in various aspects such as compensation and company policy implementation. Employees are granted access to their individual records without the additional effort of routing requests to HR personnel, which then maximize the functionality of the HR department.


True to Cognitif’s brand promise, Empleyado is built to easily adapt to the different needs of every institution. The flexibility of its base structure allows us to adjust it according to the various requirements of the wide range of industries that we service. Each institution’s workflow is carefully taken into consideration when modifying Empleyado for increased accuracy and productivity.