Our Businesses

A Diverse yet Highly Specialized Portfolio

The Cognitif Group’s goal is to provide intuitive business care for our clients, to find out exactly what they need and how to most effectively answer those needs. We mobilize our diverse team of experts to carefully assess the current situation of each of our partners and come up with recommendations to boost their income and productivity. Our clients can focus on building their business, and leave the other concerns to us. This eases the burden of staff upkeep by means of decentralizing these crucial business areas, turning it over to us instead as a more practical, cost-effective approach.


Our company’s diverse offerings can be summed up into three distinct areas:

Cognitif Knowledge offers support in the areas of legal and statutory, accounting and finance, and human resource management.

Cognitif Search takes away the complexities of personnel hiring regardless of employment level.

Cognitif Solutions is our data solutions and management arm, designed to oversee our partners’ information from its creation to handling and analysis.